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Robert Rapljenovic
Church history –
– Eastern theology

Robert Rapljenovic


Repetitor of the Collegium Orientale in Eichstätt – Diocese of Eichstätt

Visiting Docent at the Institutum Studiorum Philosophici et Theologici Societatis Jesu (FTI) in Zagreb – Church history, Eastern theology, Ecumenism

Robert Rapljenovic
Range of activities

Church History

Eastern Theology

Church Relations

Cura Animarum

Major Research Themes are the relations Church–State, Church–Nation and Reform–Tradition in the Church, the Papal Primacy and the Eastern churches, the Habsburg empire and the slavic people. Major Research Themes are Eastern spirituality, Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Theology, the Relations and History of Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches. Major Research Themes are the Political Influence on development of schism and heresy, Anti-Ecumenical movements, Anti-Church Ideologies and Overcoming of apologetic arguments of the past. Major themes are the spirituality of the church fathers and the Eastern church, an experience based approach in prayer and spiritual development.